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-I saved your life.

-Oh, don’t give yourself too much credit, Seaweed Brain.

so basically someone wrote ‘percabeth zombie au’ in my askbox and the exact same second I closed everything and started drawing because zombie apocalypse aus are always like the best thing.

So, apparently in the au Percy and Annabeth were at the same class of the high school, but never actually liked each other all that much. I would probably say, they were really annoyed with each other. Percy is that one reckless skater who doesn’t quite care about studying and sleeps the half of the lessons (the other half he just skips); and Annabeth..Well, she’s Annabeth. She’s annoyed with stupid (aka Percy); have perfect grades and basically knows more than everyone else. So they end up not liking each other AT ALL; both think the other one is too stupid (in Percy’s mind someone who studies THAT much is kind of stupid so yeah). 

But apparently once everything has started, they happen to be in the same plate (in the same classroom, dunno); and somehow in the whole mess they are totally getting to be zombie-killer-allies, and finally actually getting to know each other, both thinking they aren’t actually all that bad. Close to ‘cool’, even.

And we all know what happens next.

Percy using his skateboard as a weapon of some sort is kind of obvious to me. They’ve been through a lot, he cannot just leave his precious board somewhere (and yeah it can technically come in handy, Percy thought)


Anonymous asked:

I was looking around your blog and, man, I just love your style. I already looked at everything you did about PJO. So that, I realized that you never drew Luke, I too would ask that you draw him? :)








sorry I got distracted

shirtless luke is now a thing



image Well, if you insist.


couldn’t not.

but how about we go a little further with this girls?


I mean..




a little bit…




too far.image


let me call it anatomy practising…yeah…pure…practising..


Percy ignored him and turned to Jason. “You’re Thalia Grace’s brother, huh? Wow. You guys look nothing alike.”
“Yeah, I noticed,” Jason said. “Anyway, thanks for helping my camp while I was gone. You did an awesome job.”
“Back at you,” Percy said.
Annabeth kicked his shin. She hated to interrupt a budding bromance…


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leatherwingz asked:

Percabeth :)
  • Who cooks: Percy cooks. He likes to make blue colored food. Though sometimes they cook together.

  • Who does the laundry and other chores: Percy does laundry and dishes (water powers make it so much easier), Annabeth vacuums and dusts. Whatever other chores they divide up evenly or take turns.

  • How many children do they have: Three: two boys and a girl.

  • Who’s more dominant: Annabeth, but Percy is assertive when he needs to be.

  • Favorite nonsexual activity: Cooking or training.

  • Their favorite place to be together: Camp Half-Blood

  • Any traditions: Every year for a month they dye a strip of their hair gray to remind each other what they’ve been through and to honor those they have lost.

  • Their “song”:The Only Hope For Me Is You by My Chemical Romanc

  • What they do for each other on holidays: Normal couple stuff I guess, presents and all that, visit the folks.

  • Where did they go for their honeymoon: Tour of Europe

  • Where did they first meet: Camp Half-Blood

  • Any pets: Blackjack count?

  • What do they fight over: Percy’s impulsiveness, Annabeth’s pride. Sometimes they have differing opinions on the right course of action.

  • Do they go on vacations, if so where: They like to go sailing, places like Hawaii or the Caribbean. But they also like to go to Europe and visit architectural wonders.


Percy Jackson through the ages by Brigid Vaughn, coloured by me

If you see this Brigid, I hope you like it! I know how much you like digital colouring. Also thank you to the anon who requested this!

(Just for the record, he’s my favorite character)

AGH! this is so wonderful! really well done- i love the watercolor textures. :3

i also really like how you’ve gradually tanned him as he got older, it makes a lot of sense. /nods

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