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Field trip to the Dwarf realm Nidavellir did not go so well

#you little shits #shithead princes #pair of brothers one blond one dark  #odin is sekretly proud his kids are more OP #hot bros #timeline probably doesn’t make sense #donut curr i draw wat i want #artists gonna art #who do you think started the fight #dont fight a baby with slicked back hair #dat baby gangsta #and then jane showed thor this movie called hobbit #i against my brother, my brother and i against strangers #thor is like u want summa dis #donut call my brother a weirdo imma cut u #fili is like u a fukin witch omfg #y is there even a principals office they donut go to the same school #how interesting that Fili Kili Thorin Thrain Gandalf are all names from Norse mythology



im never sad for the rest of my life because of this

Aww, puppy. ^_^

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Dr. Elizabeth Weir in Every Episode | 2x16 The Long Goodbye

There’s a new security camera on the northern most stairwell on that part of the tower. I want him taken there so I can see him, kicking and screaming if possible. 

I call this the “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” episode. Married people trying to kill each other makes for great TV. I like this episode too because it leaves a lot of questions. The aliens were from two long-dead, warring civilizations who clearly had a lot of hate prejudice between them. They are so bent on killing each other that the audience never gets to know: what were their sides fighting about, did they know the other one was the enemy when they got married, did they ever struggle with loyalty to their own side over their feelings for each other, was it personal or just loyalty to their cause, how would two soldiers not realize that they married the enemy?

When I finished the episode I went up to my mom (who had seen it before) and said, “BUT WHY WERE THEY MARRIED.”

I love episodes that leave blanks even though they frustrate me to no end.

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